Intestinal Infection (

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Intestinal Infection

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In the beginning of the year 1992 Ralf, labelboss of the Death/Grind record label NOISE VARIATIONS, got the idea to found an extreme grindcore band called : INTESTINAL INFECTION. After a short search he found some sickos to record some sick NC/GC stuff in June 1992. This first demotape calls "Analhagel" and the first gig was in an occupied house on april 1993. For many years IxIx was known for extreme outbrakes of chaotic NC/GC and sick sounds. In the beginning of 2000 the three members and ralf had different opionions about the band future. Ralf wanted to go more seriously and political stuff.In the past there were only a few tracks in this way, because all other members had other goals.Therefore they must leaved. The next two gigs some friends helped him out. From 2000 to 2002 the S.O.i.P.B. drummer and two guys from K.S.K helped him for 3 splits and one gig. They changed the stlye totally. At this moment IxIx got more grind and hardcore elements in the music. And they made coversongs of bands like old NAPALM DEATH and AGATHOCLES,too. In the year 2005 Ralf asked Daniel (Anus Tumor) to join in. They found Chris as new guitarplayer who likes to play grindcore,too.
In 2010 Chris and Ralf got lot`s of private problems. Therefore they must cancelled a few gigs.
2011 started with the 3 way split CD with Hybrid Viscery & Mucus. A few months later Ralf got CANCER. He had only a few months to live. After some months in hospital he survived. All gigs and session must be cancelled, too.
In 2012 Chris left the band a few days before the SICK Fest (Denmark). Now Daniel and Ralf wanna play the next shows with a session-guitarist and searching after new pals, which wanna join in.
early Grindcore, Noisecore, Hardcore and Thrash
Sounds Like:
Agathocles, Rot, Napalm Death, SOB, Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt, Doom, DRI, Unholy Grave
Record Label:
Noise Variations + BOG Rec. + Horns & Hoofs
1992 - Tape: Analhagel - Demo I SOLD OUT
1994 - Tape: Brutal Grindlive Massacre Live (Celle Navi) SOLD OUT
1994 - Tape: Urine specimen Demo II SOLD OUT
1996 - Split 7": with Regurgitate SOLD OUT
1997 - Split Tape: with Packratten SOLD OUT
2000 - Split 7": with Bortels Rache 2000 SOLD OUT
2000 - Tape: Human behaviour Demo III
2002 - Split 7": with Groinchurn
2002 - Split 7": with Prophecy
2003 - Split 7": with Depression
2003 - Split CD: with Meatknife & Depression & NYATB
2006 - Split 7": with Viscera
2007 - Split Tape: with Anal Massaker
2008 - Split CD: with Agathocles
2008 - Split Tape: with Agathocles
2008 - Split Tape: with Gorgonized Dorks & Existence Is Decay
2009 - Split Tape: with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium
2010 - Split CD : with Streptoccus Pyogenes & Anus Tumor & Mixomatosis
2010 - Split 7": with 7MON
2011 - Split CD : with Hybrid Viscery & Mucus
2013 - Split 7": with Slapedehonden